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Scott Desjarlais: The Accidental Congressman


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Desjarlais Features Farmers And Seniors In Spite Of His Votes To Cut Agriculture,
Destroy Medicare, And Increase Social Security Retirement Age To 70

Scott DesJarlais has recently launched a television commercial that is breathtaking in its hypocrisy.
“Scott DesJarlais voted to cut agriculture by $60 billion, destroy Medicare and raise the Social Security retirement age to 70,” said Eric Stewart. “This ad amounts to breathtaking hypocrisy.”
Stewart made his statement as his campaign released a video on YouTube that takes the images from his ad and replaces the audio to highlight DesJarlais’ votes against Medicare, Social Security and farmers.
“DesJarlais made a series of votes on March 29, 2012 that would have done tremendous damage to the very people who sent DesJarlais to Congress,” Stewart said. “The Ryan/DesJarlais budget would have been a disaster for working families, farmers and small businesses right here in Tennessee.”
Stewart added, “DesJarlais is even out of step with his fellow Republicans. More than 100 Republican Members of Congress voted against amending the Ryan/DesJarlais budget amendment that would have raised the retirement age for Social Security to 70.”

Our YouTube ad, called “Accidental Congressman,” takes DesJarlais to task for his votes.


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