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You can't have a vibrant economy without a vibrant middle class. It's time we started expanding opportunities for Americans to get jobs and stopped shipping jobs overseas. Rebuilding the middle class and putting people back to work is a priority of this campaign. It's time we see the words "Made in America" again. 

Rebuilding the middle class is achieved through things like restoring credit flow to small businesses and awarding tax credits for small businesses that that are hiring new employees. It is also achieved by putting an end to government contracts that hire workers overseas when we have manufacturers and businesses in this country that can do the work. If taxpayer dollars are spent on government contracts, that money should be spent creating jobs here at home, not in China. 


Since the middle class is the backbone of our economy, we need leaders in Congress with the backbone to defend it with common sense policies that support our small businesses and encourage private sector job growth. It's time we stopped rewarding corporations that ship our jobs overseas and stopped giving tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations when working Americans are struggling to make ends meet. 

The rebuilding of our economy comes with the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure. It's time we put Americans back to work rebuilding our roads, bridges, and schools so that they have the means to participate in our economy, instead of collecting an unemployment check. Safe and modern highways, bridges, airports and rail lines are common-sense investments. Upgrades to energy infrastructure and modernizations to our grid and broadband network bring economic development opportunities and jobs to rural communities as well. 


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